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Happy tummy – happy life !

We love food and we love to cook together because happy tummy is happy life. Of course, we will deal with weight increasing later. Here are some food we made and ate together.

Actually, I am into food photography recently and trying to do some practices whenever I have a chance.

Home made bread #hemadeit. It is a part of our usual breakfast.
Aglio e olio style sauce with fresh spaghetti. Garlic, onion, champion mushroom, overcooked pork, olive oil, black pepper, salt. Pasta from eggs, durum flour, olive oil, and salt. #notbyme #hemadeit
Salad with avocado, cucumber, red bell peppers, black pepper and boiled eggs. Salad dressing is ready made. #imadeit
Sweet corn, mushroom and chicken soup #imadeit
Baked bacon – asparagus and sweet potatoes fries with yogurt lemon sauce #imadeit


Our first season treat in summer of 2018 – Strawberry

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