A short introduction

Hang Nguyen is a Vietnamese expat living in Finland. She had lived in her home city, Hanoi, in Vietnam for over 30 years of her life. She was born in suburban of Hanoi and her family moved to the center of capital city in her teenage time. She lived there for over 20 years, graduated her bachelor and master degree in Hanoi National University. After graduating, she spent one year on working for private company in IT field but gave up that job and started working as a teacher in Department of Information Technology,  Hanoi College of Education, now Hanoi Metropolitan University

After a few years working as a teacher, she started asking herself about what she wanted in her life, if teaching was really ideal and suitable job for her or not. In 2010, she got a scholarship of ITEC program sponsored by India government. She spent 3 months in India and realized that she could be happy and be herself without caring about others’ opinions. After coming back from India, she went travelling quite a lot,  enjoying new simple things she encountered on the way of travelling.

The idea of studying abroad came to her mind 2 years later, she built her plan from scratch, starting by improving her English and looking for a study place in Europe, her dream destination. Finally, she got a study offer from Finland in summer of 2015. Luckily, her family supported and respected her decision. She packed her stuff, resigned her stable job and went to Finland in autumn and started her new life from the beginning.

She had studied for master’s program in Media Education in the University of Tampere and graduated in December of 2018. She met her husband in Finland and got married after more than 1 year of dating. She sometimes uses another name, Hanna Kaijanaho, in social media based on her husband’s surname. Now she is living in Jyväskylä, a city in Center of Finland, enjoying her married life, her hobbies of photography and travelling. She is now  looking for a job after graduation. She knows it will be hard but she will try her best.   She creates this blog to write about the normal things in daily life, to express her point of view about things she experienced and to practice her writing skills in her native language,  English and maybe Finnish as well.

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